Tour Preview

Not everything in your 8-location tour, 12 if you choose the extended, is featured here.
We don’t want to spoil your experience, so here’s just a little tease of haunted hot spots along the regular and extended routes!

What's on my Vegas Ghost Tour?

The Venetian

This whole place is cursed. Ghosts trapped inside wax figures may hold the dark secrets of Sin City. Perhaps those spirits led to the death of Tupac right outside this location?

The Flamingo

The mob lives on forever at The Flamingo.
The citys founding father of crime, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, roams his castle for eternity.

The Cromwell

Those who come into this cursed place may experience dark thoughts, and could even be driven to possibly commit suicide. What kind of dark forces could be causing this?


Bally’s was the scene of the worst disaster in Nevadas history: a great fire in which nearly 100 guests perished.
These spirits are forever guests of the hotel. Learn what they’ve been up to.

The Bellagio

Featured exclusively on our Extended Tour
The dazzling waters of the Bellagio once turned into a pool of red. What could have possibly drawn a guest to take his own life unexpectedly?

Paris Las Vegas

Featured exclusively on our Extended Tour
An armed ghost? Another seeking revenge for his death by his lover atop the tower? Join us at this beautiful location to uncover Paris’ secrets.