The Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Nevada

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The Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Nevada - Photo

When most people think of Nevada, barren deserts and gambling most likely come to mind. But behind the bright glow of casinos lie stories of hauntings and other paranormal happenings. Here, we discuss 10 of the most haunted places that make up the battle-born state.

It is truly amazing just how many well-known places are said to be haunted. You will be surprised to see what’s lurking in the shadows of famous hotels and casinos. The stories leading to their otherworldly history is nothing short of incredible.

You’ll discover murderous mysteries, haunted hotels, and scary saloons. You’ll even learn of a cemetery that was completely relocated! To find out what makes Nevada one of the most haunted states in our country, read on and see for yourself.

10. West Side Historic District

west side historic district


Our first stop brings us to Carson City, location of Nevada’s West Side Historic District. Much care has been taken to preserve its rich history. In fact, many of the original houses that were built well before Nevada even became a state are still standing.

This bygone locale is rife with haunted lore, so much so that there is a tour every year. During the month of October, you can join tourists as they take part in the Carson City Ghost Walk. This tour covers some of Carson City’s most ghostly locations.

One such place is the Nevada Governor’s Mansion. It’s said to be haunted by the Dickerson family, the very first family to inhabit the residence. Many who have visited claimed that they have seen two female apparitions; one of a young girl and the other a woman.

These are thought to be the ghosts of June and Una Dickerson, the daughter and mother of the family, respectively. While they have been seen throughout the mansion, they seem to be most visible in the hallways.

Another haunted residence is that of Samuel Clemens’s brother, Orion. Orion built a home in Carson City for his wife, Mollie, and their only child, Jennie. Sadly, Jennie died in this house in February of 1864. To this day, her spirit can be seen from the second-story window of the Clemens residence.

If you take the Carson City Ghost Walk, you will also get to visit the home of Carson City’s founder, Abraham Van Santvoord Curry. Tourists say that his ghost still inhabits the abode, making his presence known to all who dare enter.

9. Silver Queen Hotel

silver queen hotel


Built in 1876, the Silver Queen Hotel is known by many to be extremely haunted. Its lore centers around a prostitute named Rosie who is said to have committed suicide within the hotel. She was found lying dead in the bathtub of room 11.

Historians claim that Rosie never left the hotel, and continues to torment guests to this day. Reports say that she wanders through the hotel and knocks on guests’ doors, predominantly those belonging to men.

From tiny floating orbs to full-sized apparitions, there are countless stories and pictures that have captured hauntings in action. Visitors have been startled out of sound sleep by rattling door knobs and loud footsteps.

It’s interesting to note that the entirety of the hotel is carpeted. Yet guests still say they clearly hear these footsteps. Perhaps in Rosie’s time, the floors were still wooden. Whatever the case may be, it would appear that Rosie isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Her presence is so popular that famed ghost hunter, Zak Bagans, paid the hotel a visit. He and his Ghost Adventures crew went so far as to capture an entity on video. Zak believes that this was indeed the spirit of Rosie.

8. Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

circus circus hotel & casino


If you’re one of the many who fear clowns, you would do best to stay away from Circus Circus. Located in Las Vegas, this hotel and casino is quite possibly the most renowned in the world. It had a rocky history leading up to its completion, and through a series of mob loans and bad financial relationships, it was finally sold off to MGM International.

MGM was the owner of the MGM Grand, the infamous hotel that caught fire and left 85 people dead. Many believe this connection is the precursor as to why Circus Circus is so haunted today.

Sometime after that, the murder/suicide of a mother and her son took place in room 123. Initially thought to be homicide, it was later learned that the mother murdered her son before taking her own life. The reasoning for such madness is still unknown, but that doesn’t stop guests’ encounters with them.

In what can only be described as harrowing, visitors claim to hear whispers of ‘help me’ while staying in this room. They have even reported seeing those words written on the bathroom mirror.

One couple says they met the two ghosts in the hallway outside of room 123. The spirits asked the couple if they had seen ‘Robert’. After replying that they hadn’t, the entities disappeared. It is now believed that Robert is the husband/father of the dead mother and son.

7. The Mizpah Hotel

the mizpah hotel


Located in Tonopah, the Mizpah Hotel opened its doors way back in 1907. It has seen several renovations over the years, but has managed to retain its original beauty and elegance. This marvelous stone structure is the home of many ghostly encounters.

But unlike most traditionally-haunted locales, the ghost at the Mizpah is known for her kindness and decency. A refreshing change of pace, to say the least. But why is this spirit so much less toxic to guests?

The answer is unknown, especially considering the way the alleged ghost met her doom. Referred to as ‘the Lady in Red’, this spirit was a known prostitute during her loving years. She was violently murdered by an ex-boyfriend outside room 502. You would think she would likewise do the same to guests, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

She seems to have an affinity toward men and is said to whisper into their ears while on the elevator. She will even leave pearls on guests’ pillows from time to time. The reasoning for this isn’t clear, but it seems to be a sign of affection.

There are other ghosts who stay in the Mizpah Hotel, as well. In another tragic tale, two young kids were killed when they were thrown from the top floor of the hotel. Guests and employees alike have attested to seeing these young poltergeists. They gravitate around the third and fourth floors and often play pranks on hotel staff.

6. The Commercial Casino

the commercial casino


One of the oldest casinos in Nevada, the Commercial Casino was built in 1869 and often frequented by the late, great Bing Crosby when it had hotel rooms. These rooms have since been converted into office space, but the casino is as active as ever.

Many to enter the casino’s doors claim to have seen dark apparitions wandering down hallways. Some have even been spotted floating around the ceilings! Even more than sightings, guests hear all kinds of bizarre sounds emanating from the upper floors.

Employees have heard screaming coming from unused rooms that have been locked for years. Doors that shouldn’t even be possible to open have flung open without explanation. There have been numerous reports of gunfire echoing down the hallways. Gunfire! Angry arguments can be heard. Even children crying in the distance.

Sometimes, workers will be walking by vacant rooms and suddenly be startled by violent thrashing on the other side of the door. The doorknobs will twist and turn, as well. All rooms that are locked up tighter than a jug. If there is any good news, it’s that paranormal investigators think they may have figured out the cause of these sounds.

When the Commercial Casino was still operating with hotel rooms, a married man was killed in one of them after being caught with another man’s wife. The murdered adulterer is said to wander the upper floors, still in search of his former lover.

5. The Boot Hill Cemetery

the boot hill cemetery


Now a relatively quiet little city, Pioche was once a booming mining town in Nevada during the gold rush days of the late 1800s. Its history is marred in murder and mystery, as it saw 72 deaths in a single year – none of which were by natural causes.

It’s interesting to note that of all the homicides to take place in Nevada in the 1870s, 60% came from Pioche. Those who made up the dead are now buried at the Boot Hill Cemetery. Even more interesting is how this graveyard got its name.

Boot Hill was named as such because everyone laid to rest during that time was buried still wearing their boots. If you visit this cemetery, you’ll see some pretty strange causes of death inscribed on its tombstones. Murder and crime were nearly a daily occurrence in Pioche during those days.

Some of the residents who make up Pioche today are related to some of those buried at Boot Hill. You’ll often hear stories of ghostly sightings coming from the cemetery. And with the dark history relating to its origins, it’s easy to see why.

4. Pioneer Saloon

pioneer saloon


If you’re keen on visiting one of the oldest known bars in Nevada, look no further than the Pioneer Saloon. Upon opening its doors in 1913, the Pioneer Saloon has been home to some pretty grim happenings.

One such event saw the murder of a cardsharp who was caught cheating during a rousing game of poker. Learning of his sneaky intent, the other players riddled him with bullets. Another to take place within the bar’s walls was during a packed house. Customers were drinking and gambling, and in general having a good time.

Out of nowhere, the bartender committed suicide in full view of everyone. Whether stressed out by his home life or work remains a mystery. Whatever the case, it was too much for him to deal with and the entire saloon witnessed his tragic end.

Those who pay a visit to the Pioneer Saloon today are bound to hear of the ghosts that haunt this historic building. The card cheater who was murdered on sight? He is said to be one of the ghosts that can be seen from time to time. Known as ‘Ruby’s Ghost’, he has allegedly made his presence known on more than one occasion.

So often are the sightings that there is a special gathering that is held inside the saloon. This ‘Haunted Lockdown’ uses paranormal investigative equipment to try and catch a glimpse of the hauntings in action.

3. Carson City Mint

carson city mint


Opened in 1870, the Carson City Mint operated until 1893. While it minted mostly silver coins, gold ones were occasionally struck there, as well. Now operating as the Nevada State Museum, this stunning work of architecture has its fair share of haunted occurrences.

With so much history behind the mint, there are only two ghoulish apparitions that are said to wander the building. These hauntings are thought to be brought on by the ghosts of the two people heavily involved with the Carson City Mint.

One was that of an employee who was actually killed while working at the mint. He died instantly when a large piece of minting equipment fell on his head.

The second ghost is thought to be none other than Abraham Curry, the mint’s first superintendent. Who, if you recall, is also believed to haunt his old house from entry number 10. Maybe he makes his way back and forth to both, but it’s more likely that one of the ghosts is incorrectly linked to Curry.

2. Boulder Dam Hotel

boulder dam hotel


The Boulder Dam Hotel is a famous construct that has seen a host of famous people throughout its history. This is in large part due to the fact that it was built for the sole purpose of entertaining celebrities and the upper class.

Built in 1933, the Boulder Dam Hotel was at one time the most immaculate in all the city of Boulder City, Nevada. Designed by famed architect Henry Smith, the hotel was built with the purpose of accommodating officials and tourists during the construction of the Hoover Dam.

Guests who stay at the hotel today often report sightings of spirits wandering the halls. Disembodied footsteps litter the hallways at night, and some patrons even report cold ghostly hands grabbing their shoulders.

Visitors have been awakened at night by the sound of banging on their doors – only to find no one on the other side. Could this perhaps be the lost spirit of one of the many celebrities who once stayed at the hotel?

Employees can’t seem to escape these hauntings, either. Many say they’ve heard strange laughing and conversation when no one is around. Music is reported to play often from within the restaurant, well after it has been closed down for the night.

Even the bathrooms appear to be visited by the dead. An employee heard running water one night, so went in to see if a sink had been left running. Upon entering, all was quiet. And when he left, the bathroom door suddenly slammed closed!

Other events include the scent of cigar smoke or doors randomly opening and closing. When employees go to investigate, they find no one in sight. Whoever the ghost is, they seem to enjoy playing tricks on anyone they can.

1.  Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery

goldfield pioneer cemetery


As its name implies, Goldfield was at one time one of the wealthiest towns in Nevada. With the discovery of gold near the turn of the 20th century, would-be prospectors flocked to Goldfield in hopes of striking it rich.

Not an unreasonable dream, as the town had seen over $86 million worth of gold found within its land. Even today, people with similar hopes continue to search for gold in Goldfield. But one place they may want to avoid is the Goldfield Historic Cemetery.

Lost spirits are said to aimlessly wander the graveyard. This is because all of its graves had to be relocated! That’s right, a team of men were tasked with moving every single grave. But why would anyone do that? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. As the gold rush saw more and more people arrive, it was deemed necessary to expand.

In doing so, a railroad was built that ran right alongside the cemetery. So instead of disrespecting the graves by passengers who were getting off the train, the graves were moved to other grounds. These soon became the official Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery.

With so many dead having their resting places disturbed, it’s easy to understand why they are upset. Since they don’t recognize this new burial ground, they are cursed to forever wander the land in search of their original gravesites.