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Welcome to Las Vegas's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

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Kick off your night in the city that never sleeps with a tipsy tour through the Fremont District, where we introduce you to the infamous hotspots that offer chilled drinks and chilling haunts. Join Kings of Vegas: Mobsters and Casinos Highroller Speakeasy Crawl and experience Las Vegas the way you should - with a deep dive into the sinister side and a few cocktails to get your night started. Tales of mobsters, mystery, and murder await on this R-rated tour of Sin City.


Discover Las Vegas's Most Haunted Places:

A reclining stone angel with paws... stands guard over a blurry background of the Las Vegas strip.

Hotel Apache

In its heyday, the Hotel Apache was the creme de la creme. It was the first to have air conditioning and an electrically operated elevator and was the first carpeted casino in Vegas. Of course, it was also run by career criminals with blood on their hands. Their sinister behavior and the body counts that followed them made the Hotel Apache one of the most haunted in Vegas.

Our professional local tour guides seen here leading a group bring the history and hauntings of Las Vegas alive

The Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget is as famous as the city itself. Opened by the man who coined the term “The Las Vegas Strip,” Guy McAfee was one of the city’s most beloved citizens. His passing would leave his biggest fans in mourning, and an eerie presence that remains at this historic hotel. For years, guests have reported unexplained activity, from sinks turning on and off to a feeling of being choked. But one specter, in particular, steals the otherworldly show.

The Vegas strip

El Cortez Hotel and Casino

Want to know what it’s like to party in Vegas 1940s style? The El Cortez Hotel and Casino is where it’s at. The hotel, which was once partially owned by “Bugsy” Siegel, has been preserved to reflect its earlier days when the Fremont District was happening and mobsters owned the town. Its essence isn’t the only thing that was preserved. Sip on a RhondaRita and hear about the disembodied hands that have been known to reach out in the night and what else is lurking in the rooms of this historic hotel.

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Lindsay Richardson

Nick was a great tour guide!! Very knowledgeable about Las Vegas history and told some really cool ghost stories. We had a really nice eveni ... Read More

16 Apr 2024

Keith Watts

Brian was awesome. Showed us some of the most haunted spots in Vegas (i.e. A LOT OF ITS HAUNTED) and will give you some of the top stories s ... Read More

13 Apr 2024

Jake Garrett

Lot of fun, very interesting! Tour was about two hours instead of one, so plan accordingly.

03 Apr 2024

Michael Bastl

Great tour. Brian was awesome!! Highly recommend him!!!

31 Mar 2024


Welcome to
Las Vegas's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

Welcome to
Las Vegas's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Just ask the spirits of mob hits that are forever bound to the places where they met their gruesome ends. There’s a reason the alcohol flows in the City of Lights, as you’ll soon discover on our Kings of Vegas haunted pub crawl. This racy 21-and-up escapade through the Fremont District will take you back to the lawless days that gave Las Vegas its devious reputation.


Behind the glitz and glamor of this adult playground are the true, unfathomable tales of executions, tragedy, and celebrity misfortune. Enjoy signature drinks at places like the above-ground speakeasy Commonwealth and hear the truth about the gangsters who ran the city and the victims who still stalk the darkest corners of the old Strip’s hotels, waiting to be revealed.


Why Choose Las Vegas Ghosts Haunted Pub Crawl


The days and nights are long in Vegas. Why not get the full experience while you’re here? Whether you’re here for a quick getaway without the kids or want to make this a bachelor/bachelorette party for the books, here are a few more reasons to book your haunted pub crawl with Las Vegas Ghosts.

  • It’s your first time in Vegas, and you want to make the most of it
  • You visited Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum and want to keep the scares going
  • You’re intrigued by tales of the mobsters and gangsters that helped establish Vegas
  • You want a fun way to kick off your night
  • No kids!
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