Group Tours Are The Best

In just short of one mile and around an hour, the 8 stops on the standard Vegas Ghosts walking tour will shock you, entertain you, and inform you. Or you could spend that time at the slots, on the tables, or watching the fountain show. Again.

The Mobster Museum is fine, but it’s not haunted (we checked). You will see the locations of actual mob land murders, extortion, and rackets that are just talked about in the museum. Plus, they don’t have the ghost stories we have.

Fascinating local guides will tell you the personal stories of the characters who make Las Vegas what it is; the most entertaining thing for hundreds of miles.

We blend true tales of the Strip’s history with the people who made it what it is, Liberace, Tupac, Bugsy Siegel, and the unsung heroes who make the town run and have been key players in some of the most spectacular haunting stories in the world.

Join us as we walk the Las Vegas Strip and let our Ghost tour show you the places where people lost the ultimate bet, but just won’t leave the table.


Dana Wade

Review Rating
October 04, 2023

This was a fun tour with plenty of local lore with a native Vegas guide. It was a good mix of histor...

Karl Meyer

Review Rating
October 04, 2023

Simply the best!!! Our tour guides were fantastic!!!!

Kjirston Eklund

Review Rating
October 04, 2023

Brian was a great tour guide. Gave wonderful history and back story to several locations. I really e...


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Do you know about the death and disaster that occurred in your favorite locations along The Strip? The fire in Bally’s that killed nearly 100 guests? The mob violence of The Flamingo? Could it be the reason for those random bad luck streaks on the Vegas tables? Even Tupac’s death in front of the Venetian? Maybe we can help you answer these questions.


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Our guides are personable, lively, and unique. They’re trained and equipped to guide you through this journey with the paranormal of Sin City! Are you ready?


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You can’t control the weather, so we’ll reschedule you for free! If you can’t make any reschedule dates we’ll provide you a full refund. There’s no need to rain on your parade.


  • Remain calm.

    Touched by a spirit? Chill, it might be giving you a gambling tip!

  • Be polite.

    These spirits deserve your respect, some of them are still connected, if you know what I mean?

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    Sure, you can give Tupac a high-five, but that's it.

  • Stay together.

    We don’t want anyone to join the ranks of the ghosts haunting Las Vegas.

  • Watch your step.

    Again, we don't want you to become a ghost. You wouldn't want to eternally interact with the mobsters of The Flamingo.