A Handful of Haunted Hotels in Nevada

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A Handful of Haunted Hotels in Nevada - Photo

Nevada’s Haunted Hotels


Whether you’ve experienced hauntings first-hand or are an avid non-believer, there is something to be said about buildings with over a century of history! For adventurous travelers, staying a night in a reportedly haunted hotel is an experience in and of itself, and Nevada doesn’t fall short when it comes to ghostly inns, casinos, and hotels. Below is a list of a few we thought were worth mentioning!


Mizpah Hotel

(Tonopah, near Las Vegas, Nevada)



The Mizpah Hotel is home to the elusive ‘Lady in Red,’ who was strangled to death in the hotel by her jealous ex-lover between rooms 502 and 504. She is said to haunt the 5th floor and well as the elevator. Spirits of several others have also been reported in the hotel, from children on the 3rd floor to murdered miners in the basement. According to USA Today’s Readers’ Choice Awards, the Mizpah is considered the nation’s number one haunted hotel. But the Mizpah isn’t the only haunted hotel in the area… to read about the eerie Clown Motel, check out our Haunted Tonopah Cemetery blog post here!


 Tahoe House

(Virginia City, Nevada)



Virginia City itself is notorious in the world of the paranormal. As one of Nevada’s earliest mining towns, many of the locations and buildings within are filled with an extremely rich history. The Tahoe House on Main Street was built in 1859; the hotel has always been a popular stop for travelers passing through. Some guests decided not to leave, however, and a room on the second floor of the hotel is reportedly still occupied by a female guest – or, ghost? A strong scent of floral perfume can be smelled when there’s no one around but you.


Goldfield Hotel

(near Las Vegas, Nevada)



A ghost-town filled to the brim with actual ghosts, Goldfield was a boomtown due to the discovery of gold in the area in 1902. The town’s mines produced more than $86 million dollars’ worth of gold in their early days, but in 1923 most of the town was destroyed by a large fire. Fortunately, for history’s sake, many of the buildings survived the fire, including the ever-so-haunted Goldfield Hotel. So, who (or what) roams the empty halls in the Goldfield Hotel? Legend has it that room 109 is haunted by a pregnant lady-of-the-night named Elizabeth. Supposedly she was left chained to a radiator by George Winfield, the hotel’s original owner. He had gotten her pregnant, and wanting to uphold his reputation, worried she’d tell, he chained her up and trapped her until she gave birth in the room, her newborn being thrown down into a mine shaft on which the hotel was built over. Elizabeth was then left to die in the room. Since then, many visitors to Goldfield have reported seeing her in the room. They also feel her strong, ghostly presence. People hear loud cries from a baby and sobs from the mother-to-be whose life was cut tragically short. Ghosts of small children are also seen playing on the lobby staircase, and there’s even a spirit who stabs visitors to the hotel. If ghost towns like Goldfield are your thing, here’s an article you may be interested in reading!


The Clown Motel

(Tonopah, Nevada)



Named ‘America’s Scariest Motel,’ The Clown Motel sits right next door to the Tonopah Cemetery plot in ghost town Tonopah, Nevada. Midway between Vegas and Reno, the sleepy little town sits comfortably on routes 6 and 95. The Clown Motel has a battalion of glassy-eyed circus dolls; its owners swear it’s a fun and safe place to sleep. Visitors to the Clown Motel swear it is haunted. Legend states that the clown statues give the miners, some of which cannot accept their death, a vessel to travel the earthly plane. Almost like a possession. Apparitions have been seen coming from the graveyard, and EVP or electronic voice phenomena have been captured with voices stating, ‘we mined’ and ‘we died that day, 17 men.’ Even if you go back far enough in history, the Pueblo Native American tribes used to dress up in clown-like attire, releasing their own personalities and welcoming possessions by spirits nearby them. Maybe clowns, with their identities ever-changing, allow for portals into the spirit world. Even the motel’s owner, Hame Anand, with his love for clowns, tells that he hears footsteps and knocking from unoccupied rooms. Our in-depth Clown Motel article can be found here!


Silver Queen Hotel

(Carson City, Nevada)



 Boasting a colorful history of over 130 years, The Silver Queen Hotel is home to a plethora of hauntings and paranormal happenings. It is rumored that a lady-of-the-night committed suicide in Room 11 back in the 1800s. Visitors to the hotel see a spectral woman wandering the halls day and night, and they believe it is her. Many guests hear loud bangs at night, deep growling sounds, tapping on their walls, and loud footsteps in the halls (despite the hotel hallways being carpeted.) One visitor even stated she was chased throughout the hotel by a shadow figure. The hotel was even featured on Ghost Adventures, which provided more evidence of a haunting here at the Silver Queen.


Caesar’s Palace and Fountain

(Las Vegas, Nevada)



Caesar’s Palace is a Roman-empire themed resort and was built in the 1960s. It has over 3,000 rooms in six different towers. Many prominent figures and celebrities have stayed at the Palace and have also reported strange occurrences during their visits. Motion sensor faucets are known to turn on and off on their own, and one of the craps tables is even rumored to be possessed, paying out large jackpots to all who played on it for 13 months straight. Unfortunately, the staff knew that such luck was unheard of, so they took the table out back and burned it!


Santa Fe Inn

(near Las Vegas, Nevada)



Although the Santa Fe is a humble-looking dwelling, it is rumored to house a number of spirits who thought it nice enough to stay! The community it is located in, Winnemucca has been occupied since 1830, and the hotels and restaurants of the area echo stories of a haunted past. Guests to the Santa Fe have heard strange noises in their rooms at night, and one guest that booked room 136 had a pretty extreme experience with the resident spirits here. He states that while lounging in his room, his television started to become static-y, so he shut it off, and in that instant, there was a loud banging at his door. He was quite startled but got up to see who was so insistent on coming into his room. He opened the door, seeing no one. This happened several times after, so he went to tell the office staff what was going on. When he returned to his room, the television was back on, with the same snowy static. When he went to shut it off – again – he caught a glimpse of a dark shadow’s reflection in the TV! He checked out shortly after, not daring to stay the night.


Have you stayed in any of these haunted lodgings? Hopefully, this article persuades you to book a weekend away, at least away from the living!


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