Walk among the spirits that lost it all along the historically haunted Las Vegas Strip.

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Celebrities that just won’t leave the strip, tragic accidents, and mobsters victims litter the city in this fascinating fact-packed tour.

Be entertained and educated with grim tales of unlucky celebrities. Pity failed actors seeking final vengeance and mourn the victims of ghastly accidents that relive their fate for all eternity at these 8 or 12 terrifying sites just waiting to be discovered.

Marvel at the foolish gambles of Las Vegas’s biggest losers and tragic winners in gripping real-life stories told by your fascinating guides. Las Vegas Ghost Tours was the first walking ghost tour to take you straight to the source of Sin City’s most haunted area: the Las Vegas Strip!

Reserve your spot on this lurid tour only with Las Vegas Ghosts.

Just behind the neon glow is the true and terrible story of Mob land executions, tragic accidents, celebrity hauntings, and ghosts that won’t let go of their taste of fame and fortune along the Las Vegas Strip. Lurking behind the dazzle are the terrifying true tales of the ghosts of Las Vegas. Let us unveil the true extents of the Strip and its ghoulish hauntings.

  • Ghost Tour Meeting Location: The Fashion Show Mall, on the NW corner: 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

  • Tour Duration: 1hr. across 1 mile

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  • Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without a visit to the hallowed Strip.

But just behind the glitz and glamour of the Strip’s bright and gaudy attractions are the human phantoms that just won’t leave Las Vegas.

Legendary celebrities like Liberace, Tupac and Bugsy Seigel, as well as ordinary individuals simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, are a part of the city’s infamy, their spirits linger on and curse the dice in Sin City.

Let Las Vegas Ghosts engross you in fascinating stories of loss, love, and tragedy along a 60- or 90-minute walking tour of the dark side of the Las Vegas strip.

Las Vegas gone ghostly

Hear about the tragic homicide-suicide at Circus Circus, and the spirits that wander the eerie hotel corridors today. Hear about the cursed history of this flagship building of the MGM empire. Did mobsters help doom the premises to carry so much human misery that the halls echo to the haunting sounds of robberies gone wrong and grisly murders?

Listen to the sad tales of the down and out spirits of the past that haunt today at the Oasis motel. A tragic poker player addicted to winning and even from beyond the grave can’t step away from the table.

This walking ghost tour sets off nightly and the standard 1-hour tour can be extended to a 2-hour tour if you have the stomach for it and the tolerance for the horror.

The tours include thrilling true stories and entertaining tour guides. Rent your own headset listening device so you can hear every gruesome detail from your tour guide among the crowds and ghosts of the busy Strip!


Hotel hauntings and Las Vegas ghostly guests

While looking up in awe at the celebrated Cosmopolitan hotel, you’ll delight in its impressive construction, you’ll also be shocked to learn of the many deaths that occurred at your feet from the numerous falls (intentional or not) from its hundreds of balconies.

See the sleek glossy black glass of the Luxor pyramid. Hear about the deadly construction, fatal fighting between sports stars and a legend of the Octagon, mysterious explosions, and bizarre elevators that have ended lives and spawned ghouls that roam the streets today.

Hear direct accounts from guests and employees who have experienced the supernatural presence running through these cursed attractions.

We offer the best walking tours in Las Vegas, filled with the forgotten history of Sin City, and the infamous, haunting tales that you want to hear!

Visit the ten of the most haunted attractions on the Las Vegas Strip, including Planet Hollywood, Caesar’s Palace, and The Bellagio. T extended tour offers even more to discover after the tour ends, with an additional four haunted hot spots along the Strip!


Why is Las Vegas haunted?

Why linger in the middle of a desert, far from pretty much anything. To understand some of the ghosts of Las Vegas, you need to understand some of the peculiar history of Las Vegas, the little town that grew up big.

The opportunity that grew out of the Hoover dam construction drew characters and chancers from across the country to try their luck in boom time Vegas.

Not everyone who came here ever left and not everyone had a happy ending.  Bugsy Siegal made a deal with the devil that came back to bite him. Hear his sorry tale of breaking new ground and how his best friend turned on him with lethal consequences. Does his ghost still prowl the Flamingo pool? He certainly has some unfinished business at this pioneering resort

Even the street corners here are haunted, one in particular with a modern-day tale of rivalry and revenge—the heartbreaking story of Tupac Shakur and his untimely death on the streets of Las Vegas.

When you hear of the vast sums of money that transfer hands here, of the things that happen in Las Vegas and stay in Las Vegas, and the desire to have the largest life possible, it seems obvious that people in Las Vegas might have unfinished business that would leave them to haunt the Strip for all eternity.

Let our guides show you the way...

Our Vegas Ghosts guides are personable, trained, and trusted to give you the ultimate experience along The Strip. Each of our guides bring their unique personalities to this journey and are equipped to handle paranormal activity in case it arises.

Join us for a brush with the beyond and hear some unbelievable true stories you’ll be telling for years.



Review Rating
November 15, 2020

We had a great time. Full of history and fun. The tour guy was full of Knowledge but also had a great sense of humor and made us laugh too.
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Cara Divelbliss

Review Rating
November 08, 2020

Fun an can get lots of picture with crazy sightings yourself.
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Review Rating
March 19, 2020

This tour was really fun and very educational. It was money well spent considering the high prices of the other tours in the area.
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Review Rating
March 08, 2020

This Gatlinburg ghost tour was great! It was entertaining and fun for everyone!
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1. You will see a different side to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Ghosts takes you right along the Strip for a glimpse of the city’s most haunted places. These tales are rarely told by others and will leave you knowing more about Las Vegas and its sordid history as well as sharing with many spooky anecdotes. The stories of hauntings and sightings that we share with you are all based on true stories and backed by eyewitness accounts and real experiences.

2. We are punctual

We offer 90 and 120-minute walking tours; Las Vegas Ghost Tours is the perfect length to take in the Las Vegas Strip during your visit. You’ll use state of the art audio transmitters with sanitized headsets so you can hear all of the stories and see all the sites along the Vegas strip! The strip gets loud and crowded, but you’ll hear every word. You won’t get dragged to more destinations than you can handle and leave you depleted of energy – this tour will keep you entertained and engaged from start to finish! Some tours boast hours of guided information, but we’d rather give you a fun and memorable experience that won’t soak up your entire day. Join the tour then spend the rest of your evening in one of the haunted casinos!

3. We are professionals

Our guides are local experts. They love to tell stories and delight you with an unforgettable experience. You will be given a headset to listen to the guide with, so you don’t have to worry about not hearing the thrilling stories, even along the bustling Strip. You can feel free to take in the sites without missing a beat of the information.

4. Your experience is important

Above all else, we want you to have a fun and safe experience. If it turns out we have to cancel a tour for extreme weather or any other circumstance, we’ll gladly reschedule you on another tour. If rescheduling doesn’t work for your vacation, you’ll be refunded the full cost!

5. The tour is always changing

As a commitment to you, we are always looking for new ways to improve the tour and make it even better than before. We have lots of experience in the ghost tour business, and we are constantly moving forward. We love to hear feedback and suggestions, so please let us know what you loved or would like to improve about your tour experience so that we can keep the Las Vegas Ghost Tour the best tour on the strip!